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MTF Reassignment Thailand

Gender reassignment surgery (SRS) (other names called as genital remaking surgery, sex reassignment surgery, Gender affirmation surgery) is the surgical techniques by which a transgender individual’s physical appearance and capacity of their current sexual qualities are changed to take after … Read More

Health Retreat Thailand

We know your are going to love this place. You will love to be in this natural and peaceful place. The greenery and our supporting staff friendly nature will force to stay here. Once you come here for the health … Read More

Breast Lift Thailand and Breast Implants Thailand

A breast Lift, medically name is Mastopexy is a treatment to raise the breast by removing excess skin and fixing the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Beautiful breasts are not simply a matter of size. … Read More

Facelift Thailand, Full Facelift Thailand, Facelift Bangkok Thailand

Full Facelift Bangkok Thailand Mid face, neck and temporal which is called a full facelift.  You can add upper and lower eyes (Bleph) Thinking to a Face Lift Thailand? Get a facelift to look younger. You can reduce your aging … Read More