Lift your arm with Arm Lift Thailand

An arm lift also called Brachioplasty; is a kind of plastic surgery. Arm lift Thailand helps in treating sagging underarms by decreasing the extra skin, smoothing the tissue, make tighter skin, and reduce the extra fat.  Arm lift Thailand makes a person’s uppers arm more toned and defined. Due to genetics and aging, the body can experience the issue of sagging skin, but this problem can be eliminated with an arm lift in Thailand. Arm lift Thailand performs lab work, a chest X-ray, an electrocardiogram, and adjusting the supplements for achieving the best result and increase client satisfaction. Arm lift Thailand is performed by experienced and skilled surgeons and doctors who deliver better results and decrease the risk of excessive bleeding, permanent scarring, fatty tissue death, blood vessel damage, and fluid buildup. The results of arm lift surgery can be enhanced by follow up the instruction of doctors and surgeons; because of this, the overall result of arm lift in Thailand can last for many years.

There are several benefits of arm lift Thailand which include enhances a person’s comfort level after weight loss surgery and decrease chances of inflammation and rashes because of extra folds of skin.  It decreases the sagging skin and under the arm, it smooth’s the supportive tissue. Arm lift Thailand helps in changing the shape and tone of an individual’s arms which makes it look more tone and balance. Arm lift Thailand provides elasticity to the skin which is something that is lost through aging and an increase in weight. Arm lift Thailand assists in restoring the confidence of an individual who is self-conscious regarding the way his/her arms looked. After performing arm lifts in Thailand they can become more confident because of smooth and toned arms appearance. For achieving all these benefits and management of arm lift problem you can visit our website (, where you can raise your queries and obtain essential information related to arm lift Thailand.

Many individuals are contractive about the nearness of extreme fat and skin under the arms, so an Arm Lift procedure might be perfect for patients who are annoyed by the free skin swinging from their arms.

An Arm Lift Thailand – also called as an ‘Arm Reduction’, reshapes the upper arm, expelling the extra skin brought on by natural maturing or weight loss, including free skin that stretches out from the underarm zone to the elbow that frequently makes ‘tuck shop arms’ or ‘bat wings’. Liposuction can be utilized as a part of the mix to accomplish the best outcomes. Consistently, a huge number of individuals experience fruitful Arm Lift surgery, with amazing discernible outcomes.

Arm Lift can be done in combination with liposuction for patients with fat deposit under the arm, if it’s just excess skin, then your surgeon will proceed with the lift immediately without liposuction. The incision will usually run from the underarm to under the elbows on the inner part of your upper arms. For those with less excess skin, the incision can be modified to be a little shorter.

A triangular incision will usually be made so the scar will look like capital letter “T”.

The surgery is usually done under general anesthesia and the procedure may take 2-4 hours depending on the amount of excess skin.


  1. Loue

    I wanted to know more about arm lift. How much does it cost? I’m currently here in Thailand.

    • trina


      Surgery hospital package is only $3500 U.S. Our package is a 14 day stay and it is $5000 U.S. with staff to assist you.

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