Bangkok Plastic Surgeon

In various cases, Bangkok Plastic Surgeon postpones procedure of plastic surgery till the patient get through the psychological counseling. Many cosmetic surgeries also give permanent results; hence it is much significant for a patient to become sure that before going through this procedure.

The procedure of abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck mainly aims to reshape the abdomen. Additional fat and skin is then taken from middle as well as lower abdomen which is done to tighten facade and muscle of abdominal wall. However, people usually pick to undergo the tummy tuck are mainly those who have lost good weight and have the sagging skin because of it, and the women after their delivery. At times, they also have the problem of sagging skin for genetic reasons. Tummy tuck can even enhance the look of the stretch marks, specifically those which are below the navel.

It is crucial to identify the malnutrition among the patients who have also lost many pounds. Before surgery, malnutrition is known for significant weight loss, so there will be very less surgical complications, higher levels of energy and scar for the patients that are looking for body contouring.

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