Thailand Surgery Package through Azurite

Thailand Surgery Package through Azurite

If you’re wondering why you’d use Azurite for our surgery packages when you can just do your surgery domestically read on.

Multi surgery discount

It’s not always about money. It’s about expertise – but it certainly does benefit to know that when you purchase a surgery package through Azurite, you are getting the best price possible as we have negotiated excellent rates and relationships with our doctors. Generally, additional surgeries as add ons are significantly cheaper as we consider the operating room/anesthesiology costs.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

The average surgeon at Azurite holds upwards of 20 years of experience, has the ISAPS accreditation, and is board certified.

JCI Accredited Hospital

We take your safety seriously and only conduct surgery in JCI certified hospitals. JCI, or the Joint Commission International, is a USA based not-for-profit Corporation. Joint Commission International is an accrediting body affiliated with the Joint Commission. This body is the most important accrediting body for American Hospitals. It is mandatory to receive JCI accreditation for acute care hospitals in the United States. You can rest assured with the JCI certification that the hospital is doing everything correctly. 

You can bring a companion for free.

We understand the importance of having your companion come with you, so bringing your companion does not incur additional charges.

Luxury healing environment

Our standard surgery package includes 12-13 nights at a 4-star hotel like Chatrium Residence Sathon. However, we also have a fantastic partnership with the Peninsula Hotel Bangkok and can get it at a significantly reduced rate if you prefer a complete luxury experience. Healing should be easy, and the last thing you want is to have to think about any at-home responsibilities.

Onsite recovery team

We hire a team of registered nurses to assist with daily wound healing and anything you may need while you’re away in Bangkok and feeling most vulnerable.

Ability to rectify issues quickly (if they even arise)

Azurite is big on customer service, and while you’re on your 14 day package (sometimes 28), we monitor your progress daily and ensure you are healing the best way possible.

Medical Tourism Insurance

The benefit of having a medical tourism policy doesn’t sound like a benefit? But suppose you look closer at the policy. In that case, it covers you for a period of 180 days (6 months) in your home country and abroad for things like unfavourable outcomes, complications, accommodation & travel and more. 

You can use our surgeons for early release of superannuation (medically necessary surgery only)

As an Australian company we have been able to secure credbility with the ATO when it comes to using our doctors for clients who wish to utilise their super for medically necessary surgery. Many clients find they are approved within the hour when they apply. Also read about full body transformation

Ability to do a wellness week (coming soon)

Azurite is not only a surgery company but a wellness service – and coming soon in 2022, we will be offering comprehensive wellness services to optimise your healing, mental health and your life’s journey before and after surgery.

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