Be more confident with Breast Augmentation Thailand

The objective of breast augmentation is to increase volume as well as a projection to the breast with the help of the insertion of implants. This procedure is performed upon women who are not satisfied with their size and want breast augmentation to achieve their desire size. Breast argumentation is performed to enhance the fullness of their beasts, to enhance the aesthetic balance between their beast as well as their lips. It is also helpful in retaining the pre-pregnancy breasts after giving birth. Breast augmentation in Thailand makes women more confident and assists them to make feel more feminine, this is the reason breast augmentation is very popular in Thailand.     Women need to make several choices to perform the operation like the selection of plastic surgeons, services, and technology used by the surgeon. You can get all essential information related to breast argumentation on our website ( where you can gain knowledge and make your decision accordingly.

Breast argumentation Thailand can also correct uneven breast, the surgeons are sufficient to customize every procedure to gain the special need of the individual patient. Women do not need to concern about how their breasts look because it can decrease self-confidence and create stress. Too many women have problems like their breasts are too small, uneven, lack fullness, poor cleavage, lack of projection, and imbalanced appearance, all these problems can be solved by performing breast argumentation in Thailand. After performing the surgery women can improve self-esteem, improved job opportunities, improved social opportunities, and ability to wear different clothes and feel more youthful. Beast argumentation Thailand provides multiple surgical options present to manage the wide variety of surgical cosmetic issues. Breast argumentation Thailand also educates women regarding the surgery, its benefits, disadvantages, selection of a bra, etc. The services can be gained in the cheapest price option with safe, affordable, timely, and proven medical care.

Women choose to have breast augmentation Thailand to satisfy their desires by enhancing their breast line. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to increase or modify a patient’s breast size or shape by use of breast implants.

Breast augmentation is a personal and private decision that can potentially have life-changing effects on a person. Breast augmentation can enhance natural body proportion and frequently correct the involutional changes of the breasts noted after pregnancy. Improved self-confidence and image are common after this procedure. Through a variety of incisions, a soft, natural-shaped breast implant is placed behind the breast tissue and frequently behind the chest muscles to achieve the desired size and shape.

Women who choose to have breast augmentation surgery do so to improve their self-image. Some breasts never developed to a size that meets their expectation. Often, women want the breast augmentation procedure to restore their natural breast volume, which may have decreased as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or aging.

Any one of the following feelings or conditions may indicate that you are a good candidate for breast implants:

  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too small
  • Weight loss has changed the size and shape of your breasts
  • After having children, your breasts have become smaller and have lost their firmness
  • Dresses that fit well around the hips are often too large at the bust line
  • You feel self-conscious wearing a swimsuit or form-fitting top

All breast implants utilize a silicone shell but contain different kinds of filler, gel or saline. The outer silicone shell may be smooth shiny and polished, or a slightly rough texture.  Breasts augmented with the textured implants are less likely to develop contracting capsules than those with the smooth implants.

  • Pre-Operative
  • The Operation
  • Post-Operative

Initial Consultation 
At the initial consultation the doctor and the patient will have many decisions to make based on the patient’s health, expectations, and condition of breast tissue. The doctor will discuss the patient’s medical history and examine her breasts. The patient and the doctor will need to discuss the following :

  • Implant size/volume
  • Implant shape
  • Implant texture
  • Implant placement
  • Incision site

Surgeons will outline for their patients what behaviors are appropriate and necessary before Surgery. Here are some preoperative tips for them to follow :

  • Stop taking any aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamins and herbs at least two weeks before surgery.

Pre Operative Assessment for Size and Placement of the Implant 

  • Size and Placement .The size and placement of the implant we choose will depend on many factors, such as your original cup size, your desired cup size,
  • If you have only a small amount of breast tissue and want to enhance the tissue much as possible, it is recommended that a large implant is placed below the muscle in order to prevent the feeling or appearance of the implant. There is also less chance of capsular contracture.
  • If you have large chest muscles as a result of exercising, the implant should be placed above the muscles in order to allow for comfortable movement and a natural look.
  • For patients with mild to moderate breast sagging, larger implants placed over the muscle is recommended. The larger the implant, the greater and more favorable the augmentation.
  • The implant can be inserted into the body through four different incision sites. Two leave scars on the breast, while the other two leave scars away from the breast .Because the implant is inserted empty, all of the incisions are small, generally measuring 1-2 inches.

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