What is involved with neck lift surgery?

When it comes to aesthetics, the neck is an often-overlooked area that contributes to an aged appearance. Unfortunately, our necks play a large role in our overall appearance and, when left alone, can make us look older than we feel. … Read More

Extended tummy tuck

Breast reduction and extended tummy tuck

You can still achieve the body of your dreams even later in life, especially if you have struggled with diet and exercise in the past. Meet our client, who completed her surgery package just over two years ago. This particular … Read More

Extended tummy tuck vs normal tummy tuck

Extended tummy tuck VS normal tummy tuck

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Mini Facelift

Mini facelift – the new preventative for your 30s and 40s

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Arm Lift Surgery Thailand

Are you considering Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Surgery in Thailand?

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BBL in Bangkok – Where is the best place to go

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Expert Facelift in Thailand

Expert Facelift in Thailand? They are the best

Thailand is fast becoming the medical hub of the world. … Read More

Thigh Lift Thailand

You Might Need A Thigh Lift – Our Client’s Journey

Considering a thigh lift? What is it? Sometimes our tummy tucks alone are not enough to produce your desired results. And in many cases where individuals have undergone extreme weight loss, they may have excess skin on their lower body … Read More

Full Facelift: Azurite Client Surgery Journey

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How to improve your stomach with a tummy tuck?

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