Dealing with anxiety and depression – my personal story

I’ve always been a bit anxious – the type of child that cared about doing well in school and was never rebellious — the kind of child to receive ‘Terrific Kid’ every semester for attitude and academic achievement. I’d say … Read More

The Road to Balance – Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating and Building Your Strength The seemingly easy, but incredibly challenging part of most people’s lives – balance. How do we find it? How do we find peace in our eating, exercise, and sleep habits? How do we work … Read More

Starting the new year right – gastric sleeve?

It’s already December 4th, and it has us all at Azurite reflecting on the year – what we’ve achieved – and what we maybe didn’t. Perhaps it’s regarding weightloss and finally getting healthy. Although we’re a firm believer that to … Read More

How can I improve the recovery process? Benefits of zinc after surgery

Many clients often wonder how to improve their experience of recovering after surgery. Azurite is a firm believer that diet, exercise, internal belief systems and the help of certain supplements will play a significant role in wound and mental healing.  Protein … Read More

Surgery and wellness? Oxymoron?

When thinking of plastic surgery, the last thing that generally comes to mind is spirituality and wellness. Surgery still carries a stigma, primarily if you’re known for being ‘healthy’. Surgery is usually seen as vain and unnecessary, so many feel … Read More

Why choose to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand?

    Considering surgery? There are many reasons to explore cosmetic surgery in Thailand:   The level of expertise  Why go to Thailand for surgery? You’re crazy. Well, that’s what most people think. Thailand has gained quite the momentum over the … Read More