Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction – what’s involved?

Areolas and nipples, just like breasts, come in different shapes and sizes, so there is really no right or wrong size for the areola. But women often have strong feelings about the way their breasts look, and areola reduction is … Read More

Extended tummy tuck

Breast reduction and extended tummy tuck

You can still achieve the body of your dreams even later in life, especially if you have struggled with diet and exercise in the past. Meet our client, who completed her surgery package just over two years ago. This particular … Read More

Trina Eliassen speaks about what true health is

Health – Trina Eliassen, owner of Azurite discusses her insight on how to get there in 2022

Happy New Year! It looks like Omicron will sweep through the world, and we will eventually grow herd immunity, which is precisely how a virus works. It generally mutates and weakens, and our natural immune system fights it. So we … Read More

BBL in Bangkok – Where is the best place to go

The popular procedure can create fullness. But now that you want one – where is the most reputable place to get a BBL in Bangkok? … Read More

Mommy Makeover: Azurite Client Surgery Journey

At Azurite it’s quite common for clients to ask for a Mommy Makeover to help with their confidence post-pregnancy once they have tried diet and lifestyle changes, here is a look into pricing and what surgeries are involved. Our client’s … Read More

Client Surgery Journey – Full body transformation

At Azurite we love seeing our clients happy with their surgery and this is another example of a fantastic result. What surgery did they get done? Full tummy tuck Arm lift Breast reduction with implants Thigh lift Liposuction- outer thighs, … Read More

New Year New Me: Superannuation For Surgery And Mental Health?

Azurite is officially reopening with the recent government announcement of open borders and no quarantine, so we thought it would be a great time to discuss accessing your superannuation for medically necessary surgery, and more recently, mental health. At Azurite, … Read More

Facelift journey: Behind the scenes with our client Kate

Back in 2015, Kate reached out to us to assist her with looking more fresh-faced and youthful. Of course, we were excited to help so we immediately jumped on the opportunity and set her up with one of our head … Read More

How to improve your stomach with a tummy tuck?

How can I fix the appearance of my stomach? You have finally lost the weight and adopted a healthier lifestyle, but you’re finding yourself now unhappy with the appearance of your skin. Alternatively, you’re finding it hard to lose that … Read More

What’s stopping us?

It’s 2020, and February has just begun. For many of us, those resolutions we made earlier during the magic of New Year’s Eve have broken. But what exactly holds us back? It’s generally our beliefs systems, and the unconscious programming … Read More