Client Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to set out the commercial terms between the customer and Azurite as third party facilitator This is to also assist you in understanding what Azurite’s responsibilities are to you as the client, and what your responsibilities are as the client.

1. All payments to Azurite must adhere to the payment terms included with your quote.

2. Azurite’s Cancellation policy is:

a) Cancellation with 30 or more days’ notice: Deposit is fully refundable (exclusive of booked airfares)

b) Cancellation within 29 days or less: 50% of deposit is forfeited, or one time complimentary reschedule of Azurite Package.

c) Cancellation within 7 days: Cost of surgery is forfeited unless Azurite Package is rescheduled

d) Cancellation on the day of surgery: Cost of surgery is forfeited unless Azurite Package is rescheduled within the travel time window (departure flight window)

3. The ‘Pre-Consultation’ quote is subject to change upon your consultation at the hospital. This situation may arise if additional procedures are required, any procedures are removed, or if any unknown underlying medical conditions are discovered and require treatment prior to surgery.

4. Services included in the ‘Pre-Consultation’ quote are as follows:

a) Accommodation at the hospital or specified hotel

b) Transfers to and from the airport

c) Personal Assistant for pre-surgery interactions and post-surgery healing

d) Transfers to and from hotel and to the hospital

e) All hospital room charges

f) Medication and supplies used in relation to your procedure

g) Required medical equipment

h) Any required testing in relation to the procedure quoted

i) Anaesthesiologist charges except where explicitly stated otherwise

j) Nursing services at the hospital as specified with your procedure

5. Customers must cover their own costs in relation to services that do not form part of the ‘Pre-Consultation’ quote. Services not included in the ‘Pre-Consultation’ quote include (but are not limited to) the following:

a) Charges for additional nights at the hospital

b) Charges for an extra bed at the hotel

c) Special nursing, phone charges and additional meals and drinks at the hotel (whether in-room or out of room) outside of those stated in your package

d) Pre-operative studies such as laboratory tests, radiology studies etc for pre-existing diseases or conditions

e) Treatment of underlying conditions

f) Unforeseen complications that might arise indirectly from your surgical procedure post operatively

g) Flights to and from country of origin

h) Insurance of any kind

i) Tours or outings

j) Any time spent in the hotel or hospital beyond the specified dates in the ‘Pre-Consultation’ quote and final confirmation

k) Meals, unless supplied by the hospital (buffet breakfasts are included in Azurite Packages)

l) Travel outside of the itinerary provided

m) Airport or departure taxes, laundry services, road tolls

n) Cost of visas, passport issuance or any other travel related costs not included in the ‘Pre Consultation’ quote.

o) Costs incurred by factors outside Azurite’s control such as poor weather, security risk, strikes, war or conflict or defective transport services or otherwise acts of God (Force Majeure)