Client Consent and Release

Written consent forms are the norm at any treatment provider and such consent forms will need to be read and signed before any kind of surgery or procedure can start. This is to inform the customer/ client of the risks and benefits associated with receiving medical treatment abroad which includes the risks and consequences of treatment and travel.

Azurite Medical and Wellness do not promise or guarantee any outcome. The contractual agreement to have surgery is between the surgeon and their nominated hospital and the individual customer/ client. Azurite is not a part in the contract between the client and surgeon or their nominated hospital.

1. The role of Azurite is to act as a third-party facilitator between the customer/ client and affiliated surgeons and their nominated medical facilities

2. Prior to completing the booking process, clients are strongly urged to get approval from their GP’s in testament to their physical and mental wellbeing to undertake the surgeries requested, this may include a psychological test which may be required at Azurites request to continue with the booking

3. Azurite is not held liable nor responsible for any loss or injury that the customer/ client may experience due to, the failing to expose or omission of, any health issues that the customer/ client may have prior to the surgery

4. Azurite strongly suggests that clients obtain both travel and medical/ cosmetic surgery insurance with coverage beyond six (6) months

5. Azurite is not responsible for any loss or injury caused by anyone or service outside of our service provision stated herein or expressly offered within the final package quoted and paid

6. Azurite is not liable, for any reason for any claim made by the customer for loss or injury sustained by them or in connection to them through the commencement of the customer/ client engagement

7. In the event of a dispute between yourself and the surgeon or their nominated medical facility, this will be under the governance of the country in which the surgery was carried out. Azurite Medical and Wellness is indemnified for all medical responsibility for any claims, litigation and/ or compensation for any personal injury or loss of life caused by the process of medical consultation, diagnosis, tests or treatment at or by the medical facility where your surgery was performed

8. Azurite may use any posts made by members of the Azurite private members forum on social media, to promote or engage in marketing material. No unauthorised use of customer/ client data will be used inline with the Australian Privacy Act

9. Customers/ clients will be invited to the Azurite private members forum on various social media channels. For all Azurite customers/ clients, a Non-Disclosure Agreement must be entered prior to being permitted access to the social media channel.