Dental Thailand

Dental Service

General Dental
Treatment TypePrice ($USD)No. of VisitsDuration of Stays (Days)
Cleaning, Scaling, Polishing$33-$5611
Periapical film (small dental film)$611
Panoramic (big full mouth x-ray: digital)$3311
Cephalometric (big profile x-ray: digital)$3311
3D CT Scan$139-$27811
Dental Fillings$2711
Aesthetic Dental
Treatment TypePrice ($USD)No. of VisitsDuration of Stays (Days)
Teeth Whitening
Zoomâ„¢ Tooth Whitening$25011
Pola Tooth Whitening$19511
Home Tooth Bleaching$13911
Porcelain fused to standard alloy$2782-33-7
Porcelain fused to palladium metal$3892-33-7
Porcelain fused to gold metal alloy*$500-$5562-33-7
All Ceramic eMax$5002-33-7
3M Lava All Ceramics$5002-310
Cercon Smart Ceramics$5002-37
Porcelain Veneer : IPS Esthetics$3332-33-7
Porcelain Veneer : IPS eMax$4442-33-7
Composite Veneers$139-$1673-410
Super-thin Veneer$5002-33-7
Endodontic Dental
Treatment TypePrice ($USD)No. of VisitsDuration of Stays (Days)
Anterior tooth$2501-35-7
Premolar tooth$3332-410-14
Molar tooth$4172-410-14
Oral Surgery
Treatment TypePrice ($USD)No. of VisitsDuration of Stays (Days)
Tooth Extraction(Simple)$28-$4211
Tooth Extraction(complex)$56-$7011
Prosthodontic Dental
Treatment TypePrice ($USD)No. of VisitsDuration of Stays (Days)
Resin Base Denture$139-$1663-47-10
Metal Frame Denture$361-$6113-47-10
Each Additional Tooth on Denture Plate$14--
Acrylic Resin Full denture$556-$6944-514
Treatment Type
Price ($USD)No. of VisitsDuration of Stays (Days)
Fix Metal Braces$1,667-$1,944--
Clear Braces - Ceramic or Tooth-Colored Braces$1,944-$2,500--
Self-Ligating Braces - Damon /3M Gemini)$2,222-$2,500--
Clear Self-Ligating Braces - Damon Clear/ 3M Clarity SL$2,500-$2,638--
Lingual Braces$5,417--
Invisalign express$2,083--
Invisalign Lite$3,611--
Invisalign Full (Moderrate)4,167--
Invisalign Full (Comprehensive)5,000--
Dental Surgery
Treatment TypeImplant Fee ($USD)Standard Crown PFM(palladium) Fee in $USD (approx) No. of Visits
Titanium Implants - Normal Surface
Straumann SLA$1,389$6942-4
Titanium Implants - Active Surface
Nobel Biocare NobelActive$1,528$6942-4
Roxolid Implants
Straumann Roxolid SLA$1,667$6942-4
Full Jaw Implants
Full Jaw Dentures
Full Jaw Bridge

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