Azurite Medical and Wellness staff are not medical experts. We do not offer medical, financial or legal advice. Our aim is to facilitate our customers in the introduction of affordable high-quality medical care. We are not liable for the services provided by any third parties and by signing the Disclaimer you acknowledge and are aware of the role of Azurite and its staff. Further to this, you accept that the decision to have medical treatment abroad is your own and you are aware of any and all risks entailed of which the following sections are not an exhaustive list. Azurite Medical and Wellness strongly suggest your own careful research into all facets of the surgery you wish to undergo and do not hold Azurite liable for any omission on your part.

Everybody is different and as such individual results will vary. Results may vary significantly between patients undergoing the same procedure. No plastic surgery procedure will achieve the same result, even if the procedure is carried out by the same plastic surgeon. On this website and on the social media channels, we display before and after pictures. These pictures cannot be used as a guideline for what you can expect. Expectations about plastic surgery procedures and other treatments like gastric sleeve and dental should be discussed and agreed upon with your doctor before carrying out the procedure. Your doctor will inform you what you can realistically expect at the time of consultation. There is no guaranteed result.

Risks, complications and permanents scars are something you need to understand and accept in order to have surgery. Healing is individual and previous clients healing cannot be used as an indication for how you will heal. You may heal slower or faster. Scars cannot be avoided and is a usual outcome of surgery. Some clients will develop thick keloid scars. Complications such as wound separation, infection, delayed healing and other complications are real complications that you need to consider before having any kind of surgery. No doctor or hospital can promise complication or risk-free surgery or treatments.

Information provided via the social media channels or available from any other media source concerning Customers/ Clients surgeries is provided for the limited purpose of general information. It is not intended to be used as medical advice, diagnosis and treatment and should not be relied on to manage surgical outcomes.