Best expert skin removal surgery package – $40-60k AUD – 56 Days – Thailand

Best expert skin removal surgery package - $40-60k AUD - 56 Days - Thailand

Why choose Azurite for skin removal surgery?

You’ve gone through the weight loss journey, but now you’re struggling with excess skin and you’re unsure of a surgeon that you can trust. At Azurite, our main clientele comes to us with this exact struggle. Thankfully, we specialize in expert skin removal surgery with our ISASPS accredited team. We may even be able to assist you with superannuation withdrawal. Why choose Azurite for such a big transformation? Well, you’re truly taken care of from beginning to end and can get a comprehensive package price.

What’s involved in an Azurite Skin Removal surgery package?

Our packages range between $40 – 60k AUD and can include the following for a typical package:

  • SMAS full facelift upper eyes and lower eyes with optional fat transfer to the face
  • Extended arm lift to remove bra bulge
  • Extended breast lift (inverted T) with implants
  • Extended tummy tuck w/pubic mons lift
  • Butt augmentation with own tissue
  • 360 liposuction
  • Belt Lipectomy
  • Thigh lift with liposuction and outer thighs and buttocks

As well as accommodation at a 4-star hotel, such as our partner hotel Chatrium Residence Sathon for 28-42 days depending on the number of surgery sessions – generally two-three sessions.

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Will you need help applying for early release of superannuation? If yes, Azurite is an approved ATO provider.
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