Facelift Surgery Bangkok

Facelift Surgery Bangkok:
The noticeable indications of aging, for example, lines & wrinkles, free and loose skin and dark spots, no longer have to be an inevitable part of getting old, and many individuals switch these signs with the assistance of facelift thailand surgery and other surgical and non-surgical techniques.
Facelift surgery, medically called as rhytidectomy, is a standout amongst the most common procedures by the two men & women who need to look as young as they feel. It is performed to evacuate or diminish the skin that has lost its regular flexibility – usually, around the eyes, mouth & jaw line – smooth the skin, decrease lines, & wrinkles and restores a worn out looking appearance.
Facelift – about the procedure:
A face lift thailand can take up to six hours to finish in the hands of one of our talented specialists. You’ll at that point remain overnight in one of our facilities. These are reason worked for cosmetic surgery with uniquely prepared medical staff, so you’ll get expert care at all times.
• Increased self- confidence
• Looking more young and beautiful
• Feeling restored and fresher
• Ability to wear clothes with lower neck areas – no longer the need to hole up behind a scarf/high-necked best
• Less demanding use of make-up
• Azurite facilitates the facelift surgery at the easiest cost with outstanding medical facilities. Contact us, If you are looking for the best surgeon in Bangkok.


  1. Debra Daniel

    I have also asked for info on another face lift you had
    I am 61 and have fillets and Botox but can’t afford one in Australia
    Please send me info on what you do and price
    Thank you

    • admin

      Hi Debra:
      Full facelift which neck mid face and temporal region with upper and lower eyes is 14 days hotel and hospital package. $12,500 aud. Same full facelift with eyes would be 50,000 in Sydney. But we need photos front and side view send to me personally, trina@azurite.com.au Please send front and side view

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