Health Retreat-Rejuvenation Package

The complete rejuvenation package

It’s nearing the end of the year and you are probably feeling worn out and thinking about that relaxing holiday you deserve.

Thailand has long been a holiday destination that Australians (in particular) love. It offers cultural diversity, tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples. The country is also well known for its luxury resorts with outstanding spa and treatment services.

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Thailand-2Health Retreat-Rejuvenation Package

Australian company, Azurite, has just launched to provide Aussies complete inner and outer wellness and rejuvenative experiences in Thailand. From its signature weight loss and detox programs, to holistic beautifying treatments, Azurite offers tailored packages to Australians who want to start a new beginning in the New Year.

Brainchild of Trina Eliassen, the former owner of the renowned 5-star Celestine Waters healing spa in Victoria, known for its specialised mind and body programs to guide you back to your desired path and help you to once again achieve balance in your busy life. Through Trina’s expertise with both inner and outer healing practices, Azurite was created to allow Trina to continue to offer her healing experiences through an extensive range of services with care that’s second to none


Partnering with some of Thailand’s world class hotels, including The Peninsula Bangkok, clients embark on the restoration of their body with detox/wellness packages coupled with in depth spiritual release and growth programs. Azurite has also released a range of children’s packages too, Kidzrite, so kids can accompany their mums or dads to kick-start their life’s journey by experiencing a new level of enlightenment, nutrition and overall health education. Focusing on building inner strength, Kidzrite has been created for kids to become strong and healthy individuals for the future

Azurite Lifstyle Pool

Anything but the ordinary, Azurite’s Wellness programs offer a unique way to recharge whilst unwinding. A renewing experience, the ‘New Beginnings Cleanse’ washes away negative energy through spiritual healing, with the use of water to symbolise a new start. This program incorporates organic juices and herbal supplements combined with specialised exercise classes for your full cleansing journey, designed to suit your personal goals.

Azurite Lifestyle Wellness

If you’re looking for a digital detox then you can’t go past the ‘Sleeping Well Program’ – an incorporation of sleep testing and brain wave monitoring to determine your sleep patterns. Treatment by music therapy and massage will help improve your quality of sleep all in the comfort of a 5 star hotel while eating spa cuisine.    Or, embrace your inner youth with Azurite’s Holistic Beautifying package.

Azurite Lifestyle Spa

Using only the finest premium organic skin care products, this program will have you looking young and fresh in no time. Included is a personalised health and wellness consultation and one Biologique Recherche facial treatment, together with unlimited access to steam, sauna and hot-and-cold plunge pool facilities.     Azurite’s all-encompassing wellness programs cover your flight, airport transfers, premier accommodation and overseas insurance to maximize your rejuvenation experience.

For those seeking a truly inner and outer transformative package, Azurite also offers cosmetic and dental procedures. Partnering with only the leading board-certified surgeons and world class hospitals in Thailand, you can relax knowing that you’re in the best hands. Azurite uniquely designed packages are the perfect holiday escape. The wellness programs are sure to have you back to a happier and healthier you for the year ahead.

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