Intuitive healer and now surgery?

Intuitive healer?

Intuitive healer and doctor? Why Azurite? Why surgery in Thailand? Why trust us? How did it begin?

So how did an Intuitive healer suddenly start a medical tourism company with an unknown Doctor in Thailand? Okay let me tell you how I found Dr Thee and started Azurite. You will be shocked and think I am crazy. As you all know, or may not know I am an intuitive healer and have previously owned a 5-star health resort in Victoria. Twenty years ago, when I lived in Florida, I had one of the fastest growing ICT recruiting companies making tons of yummy money. I mean, lots!!!!! 20k a placement back then. I started my meditation back in 1997, reading The God books – great books. Started becoming insatiable for spiritual knowingness and started meditating several hours a week until one day I “heard things” I said hold up – this is getting scary now. Beautiful colours I would see and hear things, then one day I said okay show me – then I would see storylines, pictures and then my crazy adventure of becoming a healer over the next decade. Lost my ICT business house, and pretty much everything to learn and “save everybody” I heard back then I would be a healer.

I said Oh God, I am not a hippie and I don’t want to be poor. I like nice things.

Guess what I lost everything and became poor. Then I heard one day I would own the largest healing retreat with cosmetic surgery in the world. I said well that is better because I won’t be poor but had no idea how it would come about. Five years later I moved to Australia and started a health retreat with $90,000 AUD turned it into a few millions of stock as I went to China and designed everything and brought it over in 3 containers (ships). Within a year, we were rated one of the best health resorts in the country, and some said the world. Worked every day all night in my restaurant struggling with no money but we were getting bigger and bigger with some of the most iconic people from Australia coming to me for the week or 3 like Susan Renouf. However, asshole developers wanted my restaurant, and the fights started as they owned the property until I threw in the towel. Everybody is always trying to steal my talent and business (one of my soul lessons). So I closed it down and gave up. Which is unusual for me but just put all my time into my small children and rested, then rested, then self-healed, more self-healing and shut all others in my life off. No more friendships, no more healings. Just me 100% me and my immediate family so all that strength I had gone into me. Then I kept hearing to start the cosmetic surgery. I tried so hard in Melbourne but such crap work for so much money I had no idea. Over the next year meditated hours a day and heard to go to Thailand, then researched Dr Thee. Nothing on the internet, a shit office. Only me feeling like he was it.

Grab my mother, who was 84 and said,

Mom, do you want to go to Thailand and maybe Malaysia?

She said, “sure” and off we went. Never told anybody what I was doing. Was going to get some boobies maybe a mini facelift but nobody knew anything and especially my husband would kill me as he hated “fake boobs”. So off I went to this shit clinic never even knew anything about Thee and just did a consult and then he said do you want to proceed… I said, “sure”. Decided on the face to this day, my husband never knew, and nobody did as I had very little to do, but that is when you do it before anybody knows. So my God, a horrific Thai hospital where poor people were with missing legs etc. in the emergency room. My blood pressure kept climbing. Nobody with me, nobody spoke English and my mom I had checked into Bummrugrund to look at her lump in her breast. So I showed the nurses my children and me. They said “you so young” how you have four children. How you 50? You so sexy, so beautiful. I said,

Okay ladies sounds super, but remember I need to stay alive so no dying for me tonight,

Joking of course but they understood nothing and my blood pressure continued to spike. Normally I have nice low blood pressure, so I knew it was a lab coat. All by myself doctor comes in and says hi and then off to the surgery room in a shit hospital, no English and no reviews and nobody even knew where I was – not even my mother. Next morning when I awoke new boobies felt like my chest was ripped off and face sore. I screamed out. “I am alive” Give me a mirror. Make sure I wasn’t botched. Swollen and bandaged, just went back to sleep and tried to sleep the first day away. The doctor came to see me and said how wonderful I was doing and how he decided at 1 am to send out for new implants as he didn’t like the ones we had chosen, so Thee just waited 2 hours to complete my surgery as he wanted perfection. Over the next day, my mother came, and I kept complaining about my “Koo Koo” hurt. She said Trina you know they might have put a “pecker” on you. You know they do those things in this country. I said

Shut up, mom

“Knock it off I am serious”. It was a catheter. I never had one in my life, as all my babies were natural. Silly me. Then she giggled/ Mom was very caustic and sarcastic and certainly not mothering but a great mother nonetheless. However, when Dr Thee met her, he said it was better I stayed by myself. He said he never saw someone as strong as I was and very proud of me. Anyway, I fell in love with him and his honesty. Him I think with me as we are very similar. I healed twice as fast as normal clients, and we figured out the high doses of vitamin C were causing it. Had to dig my stitches out as they went half an inch into my body by seven days. So my little pretties, momma Trina did this all by trusting my meditation, healing and hearing the right things. That was eight years ago, and now we are one of the most sought after companies in the southern hemisphere. Always listen to the source and always love and trust, and nothing will go wrong.

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