Labiaplasty – also called Labia Reduction / Female Genital Reshaping, is a plastic surgery method that reshapes or changes the span of the labia minora (inward lips) and the labia majora (external lips), the folds of skin encompassing the human vulva, to get a stylishly additionally satisfying shape and appearance.

The size, color, and shape of labia vary significantly, and may change because of childbirth, aging and other events.
Labiaplasty has become much popular procedure, because of more awareness that the surgery exists and is more adequate to discuss inclinations in the genital area. It is vital for all women to realize that ‘typical labia’ come in every diverse shape, sizes, colors, and surfaces.

Overview of Labiaplasty Surgery:

 Labiaplasty surgery reduces both the internal and the external lips of female vagina. This is done to help enhance the presence of the labia and furthermore to help forestall bothering amid strenuous activities. Labia expansion redresses external labia growth and different imperfections.
 According to the Consumer’s Guide to Plastic Surgery, youthful grown-up women who are completely developed and are in good health are essential possibility for labiaplasty.
 During labiaplasty, the specialist abbreviates the edge of the (labia minora decrease) or shapes it by evacuating a part of the labia and shutting the rest of the labia tissue. Amid labia majora decrease, the external lips might be lifted or suctioned to evacuate abundance fat and make a firmer, more youthful appearance.
 After labiaplasty, you will have the capacity to continue light exercises after about seven days. Sex, intercourse, ought to be limited for one month.
 Patients should wear pads for at least one week after surgery because of bleeding.


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