Mummy Makeover: Azurite Client Surgery Journey

Mummy Makeover: Azurite Client Surgery Journey

At Azurite it’s quite common for clients to ask for a Mommy Makeover to help with their confidence post-pregnancy once they have tried diet and lifestyle changes, here is a look into pricing and what surgeries are involved.

Our client’s before and after their Mommy Makeover:

Mummy Makeover: Azurite Client Surgery Journey

What surgery is involved?

Our Mommy Makeovers always include a form of breast lift (with or without implants) along with a full tummy tuck and liposuction. Some may also require additional liposuction to other areas.

How much does an Azurite Mommy Makeover cost?

A standard mommy makeover at Azurite will cost $18,400 AUD (if you have liposuction and implants) $17,000 AUD without. And covers accommodation at a luxury hotel, onsite assistance for post-surgery recovery, all hospital and surgical fees with an ISAPS accredited surgeon and the ability to bring a companion.

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