Non-Disclosure Terms and Conditions

At Azurite Medical and Wellness, we strive for our Customers/ Clients to be happy with the surgery that they have undergone. Should any issues arise, we want to be your first point of contact so that we can efficiently try to remediate. However, Azurite customers agree to the condition that they cannot discuss Azurite affiliated Surgeons, service or their nominated medical centres or hospitals without prior, written approval outside the Azurite cosmetic surgery forum, on the internet, radio, television or newspapers and all other media. Azurite is bound by the Australian Privacy Act to ensure that all your data is held within the correct modes to ensure your privacy.

During your booking and engagement process, you must not:

· Attempt to record the video or audio of your consultation call, or content from the Azurite members forum, or to take screenshots or copies of images of your video call, for use outside of those expressly named in the customer/ client Consent and Release

· Abuse, threaten, intimidate or otherwise violate those using, or delivering the video call through consultation or participating on the Azurite member forum

· Engage in behaviour that is pornographic, violent, discriminatory or otherwise offensive.

· Act in any way contrary to any rules or regulations given by the Azurite staff on any social media channels