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Below you will find a list of pricing for our packages. However, if you are considering pursuing multiple surgeries to achieve your desired look, please contact one of our consultants as we can provide generous discounts due to our negotiated pricing with the surgeons. Before you book, you must undergo a mandatory medical check-up with your local GP to ensure you are fit for surgery physically and mentally, without preexisting illnesses. Clients over 40 need to have an ECG (EKG) (FBC) (HIV). Additional cost for preexisting diseases can occur. Our packages include onsite staff to assist you with all your surgery interactions — also, post-surgery assistance if necessary (not full time), sightseeing if necessary – and round trip airport transfers for hospital and airport. Please note: our surgery packages exclude medical insurance. It is advised to apply for medical insurance when completing multiple surgeries to ensure you are covered for anything beyond the fault of the surgeon. The insurance will cover you for six months post surgery. This will allow for peace of mind once you are off our package in Thailand and have returned home. Azurite packages (see table below) are quoted in US Dollars so please use the calculator on the left for your currency conversion. All packages are based on Chatrium Sathorn (1 bedroom suite apartment) which allows you to bring along one free companion. For a free quote, please send photos and surgery request with dates to

Procedure TypeGeneralChatrium ($USD)Phuket ($USD)Package
Breast Implants (Cohesive Gel)General$4900$558810
Breast Lift Anchor and Lollipop-implantsGeneral$8300$913214
Breast Reduction/LiftGeneral$7400$843214
Chin Implant (Local Anaesthetic)Local$3200$41009
Combo Breast Implant & Tummy TuckGeneral$9400$1034614
Double Lift (Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck)General$10000$1095714
Double Lift (Face Lift and Tummy Tuck)General$7100$810014
Eyelids - LowerLocal$2300$30007
Eyelids - UpperLocal$2300$30007
Eyelids - Upper and LowerLocal$2800$34007
Facelift (Face Temporal)General$6500$730010
Facelift and Lower EyelidsGeneral$6800$760010
Facelift and Upper EyelidsGeneral$6800$760010
Facelift Upper and Lower EyelidsGeneral$7100$790010
Facelift-Full (Face, Neck & Temporal)General$7600$863214
Facelift-Neck - Full and Lower EyelidsGeneral$7900$893214
Facelift-Neck - Full and Upper EyelidsGeneral$7900$893214
Facelift-Full Upper and Lower EyelidsGeneral$8200$923214
Laser (Fraxel) TreatmentNone$120000
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/Tummy Tuck)General$11300$1225714
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/Tummy Tuck/Areolae Reduction)General$11500$1250014
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/Tummy Tuck/Labiaplasty)General$1700$1345714
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/Tummy Tuck/Labiaplasty/
Areola Reduction)
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/Tummy Tuck/Labiaplasty/
Vagina Tightening)
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/TummyTuck/Labiaplasty/
VaginaTightening/Areolae Reduction)
Mini AbdominoplastyGeneral$5500$620010
Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)General$6600$750012
Buttock ImplantsGeneral$7600$880014
Buttock LiftGeneral$6700$765014
Tummy Tuck (Lipectomy)General$6800$760014
Tummy Tuck (Lipectomy) – Liposuction ExtendedGeneral$8600$970014
Penile Width & LengthGeneral$6300$720010
Liposuction (Vaser) (3 points of entry)General$6000$680010
Thigh Lift – LiposuctionGeneral$6700$780014
Vaginaplasty (Vagina Tightening)General$4500$540010
Sex Reassignment Surgery (Male-to-Female)General$2100$220017
Gastric SleeveGeneral$8600-7
Lasik - Eye Surgery
Type of TreatmentBoth eyes on the same day
Standard LASIK (Platinum)78,000 Baht
LVS FemtoLASIK : Platinum LASIK138,000 Baht
NV LASIK*88,000 Baht
LVS FemtoLASIK :NV LASIK*148,000 Baht

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