Starting the new year right – gastric sleeve?

It’s already December 4th, and it has us all at Azurite reflecting on the year – what we’ve achieved – and what we maybe didn’t. Perhaps it’s regarding weightloss and finally getting healthy. Although we’re a firm believer that to move forward, you can’t look back – we do believe it’s essential to reflect and take those lessons with you (don’t dwell though).

And then we have also been thinking that there’s the new type of Azurite client – the client who has been stuck in life physically and emotionally, they feel tired, they feel lost with their purpose, their health is out of whack, and they’ve struggled their whole life to lose weight. They’ve sat on our forum for the last few years, watched from afar the fantastic results and have always wanted to do what our clients have done – get the kickstart to change their life because when you feel good, you can achieve so much more in life. BUT, so many people have told them that they should love themselves for who they are, and their weight shouldn’t matter, and they are crazy to focus on their external appearance. But also, how could you ever spend your money on surgery? Inevitably, they feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting, and they think it’s something completely out of sight.

So at Azurite, we just wanted to let everyone know – if you are this client and feel it’s out of sight – reach out because there are options. We’ve had so many beautiful clients speak to their GPs and get approval for compassionate release of super to resolve their chronic issues through our surgeons – whether that’s a gastric sleeve, reconstructive surgery to remove excess skin or even both. And if you feel that you have so much weight to lose – don’t fret, upon speaking to our team you’ll realise, you can start this journey straight away.

The new journey – nutrition, gastric sleeve surgery and appropriate surgical lifts

Client’s below have had a gastric sleeve and finalised their transformation with reconstructive lifts through our team

Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/Tummy Tuck/Labiaplasty/ Thailand

Have a lovely Christmas and new year from the Azurite team xx

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