Stop blaming your genetics: you can positively influence your DNA

It’s already the month of February into the year of 2021, and it has the Azurite team thinking what is truly the key to living an abundant and healthy life without chronic disease?

Many believe the DNA they are born with dictates who they will be and how healthy they will be, now and into the future. They see their family has a history of serious illnesses. Maybe they experience chronic disease in their everyday life, so they have given up hope. However, what if you believed you could reverse certain conditions or live vivaciously again? Our Director Trina Eliassen is a firm believer that you can positively influence your DNA to deactivate specific gene expressions responsible for the disease. Whatever life throws at you, your genetics do not have to dictate your life, and you hold power to manifest your life.

DNA studies

It’s just not a belief though that Azurite or our Director Trina has. Studies have shown that even identical twins are not destined to have the same health. According to a study at Osaka University, identical twins are identical in genes yet are not similar in gene expressions through epigenetics changing their susceptibility to disease.

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is essentially how different biological and environmental signals affect gene expression. Epigenetic signals can, for example, create changes in the number of methyl chemical groups attached to a gene, turning it on or off. Put simply, you are what you eat, and a product of your environment and you can deactivate specific genes responsible for the illness.

The key to positively influencing your DNA

At Azurite, we believe in more than just diet. We believe in maintaining a life of living vibrationally high to manifest the highest quality of life.

Some tactics we use to maintain a positive vibration and to make our bodies feel good. This list isn’t exhaustive but a good start:

Healing Music 

Many can meditate, but a good portion of individuals struggle with this. Hence, we recommend listening to a healing frequency playlist – our bodies are a good portion of water, so respond well to high-frequency music such as 528HZ. Check out the benefits of each frequency here. There’s plenty of options available on Youtube or Spotify


Believing you have a healthy body and being kind to it. Visualising the goals you have and feeling you’re already there. Some people struggle with visualisation, so write everything down to the last detail and focus on ‘feeling good.’ 

Be adaptable and look for why it’s happening.

When things are falling apart, look for the lesson or gift and re-strategise. Often, when we are hitting the ground, things are moving out for better things to reemerge. Don’t hold onto places, people or jobs that don’t serve you. 

Maintain an alkaline body.

Lots of lean protein, lots of vegetables and fruit. Filtered water etc. Avoiding heavy amounts of alcohol, medications.


Some supplements we’re big on: Spirulina, chlorophyll, zinc, B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, iodine, milk thistle to maintain a healthy liver.

Adaptogenic herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are great for helping your body cope with external stress. Ashwagandha, maca or if you’re prone to stress – try lemon balm. Lemon balm is also a great anti-viral. As well as typical herbs like parsley are great for cleansing your blood.

Exercise, exercise, exercise 

Do whatever you can to move to assist with lymphatic drainage. Some personal favourites include pilates, hot yoga or HITT classes.

You can live better and change your DNA

Although, it’s been a challenging and tumultuous year for everyone to say the least. Whatever life throws at you, your genetics and external circumstances do not have to dictate your life or future disease. Unless you believe they do. You hold the key and can do things today to achieve this.