Surgery and wellness? Oxymoron?

surgery and wellness

When thinking of plastic surgery, the last thing that generally comes to mind is spirituality and wellness. Surgery still carries a stigma, primarily if you’re known for being ‘healthy’. Surgery is usually seen as vain and unnecessary, so many feel embarrassed to want to go forward and talk about it. Many individuals feel they need to suffer in silence.

So when you come to a company such as Azurite Medical and Wellness, it sounds like an oxymoron. How can you possibly stand for one thing and then believe in the other? But that’s the thing – our bodies do not define us. Our bodies are a physical vessel, and our soul resides in us to enable us to experience life.

But what happens if you don’t believe your body reflects how you feel inside? Well, that’s where altering through surgery can assist in matching your true self – ultimately raising your vibration to reflect who you are. It’s about doing what feels most right to you. Life problems arise when you continuously choose to ignore what feels right to you and instead, rely on others’ assumptions of how you should lead your life. On the flip side, if being completely natural makes you feel the most alive and happy, then that is ok too. The lesson here is is that your life will flow when you choose things that make you, and only you happy. And if that’s surgery, then that is something you should do.

Surgery and wellness are interdependent

If you’re considering surgery to change your life for the better, you must take accountability to get there. Surgery will not change your life unless you prepare holistically. Individuals obtain the most from their surgery when they take the time to prepare their bodies and minds and trust their decision. Surgery can be detrimental to your mental health if your emotional acceptance, health and appreciation are non-existent, ultimately leading to more discontentment.

And this is why at Azurite, the oxymoron of surgery and wellness is our mission. We strive to educate individuals on their emotional, nutritional journey as well as provide the tools to achieve the best surgical results.

So that their soul can become who they are meant to be and they can stop living for other people and only themselves.

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