Thai Surgery Reviews Dr. Theeapong, Trina

thought of getting breast implants was always an idea at
the back of my head that I have wanted for years and I
have finally found the courage to go though with the
surgery with Trina at Thai surgery which has been one of
the best decisions I have ever made. 

one on one customer service can not be compared to any
other medical tourism company as she has been there for
me and supported me with any questions or concerns I
have had since I made the first point of contact with
young and not going overseas ever before is scary let
alone when you haven’t ever had surgery done either but
I was in excellent care from the moment I arrived in
Bangkok, I was also lucky enough to have my sister
accompany me over there and be by my side through the
whole process. Dr Thee was amazing he spoke fluent
English and was very polite, honest and thorough with my
procedure and gave me not just beautiful but realistic
expectations and I could not be happier with the end
result. The hospital was better than any hospital we
have here in Australia and the nurses were very caring. 
is a big step having any type of plastic surgery and
even bigger when you go overseas but if you are prepared
to do it you will not find a better company to go with
as you are treated as an individual not just a number.
you so much Trina and dr Thee 🙂 
breastfeeding 3 children I was left with size 12A breasts. I have known
for several years that I wanted to get a breast augmentation and had
consultations with 2 Australian plastic surgeons and contacted several
Thailand based Medical Tourism Companies. I decided to proceed with Thai
Surgery because not only was the surgeon a world class Doctor and I
loved the idea of a personal assistant to help me while I was
recovering, but the biggest reason I chose Thai Surgery was because of
their director Trina Eliassen. Trina is very professional and has so
much integrity. She answered probably hundreds of questions from me, at
all hours! And she truly cares about her clients. I was lucky enough to
meet her in person when I had my procedure. She got to know me and my
family during our stay in Thailand and was in touch daily to see how my
recovery was. She even hired an additional assistant to help care for
our children! The assistants were wonderful, they spoke great English
and along with Trina, organised everything. The surgeon- Dr Thee was
kind, thorough (my consultation lasted almost an hour and I tried on
countless implants) and did an absolutely incredible job on my implants.
They are a perfect fit for my frame, I am so happy with the result. The
hospital and nursing staff were exceptional, I received a far higher
standard of care than I have ever received in an Australian hospital.
 The accommodation was fantastic and we were able to enjoy a fantastic
family holiday as well. As someone who has spent months and months
researching different agencies, surgeons and hospitals, don’t waste your
time. Call Trina, you will not find a better service than what she
provides, I promise you will not regret it. Danielle T, Victoria

Thankyou Trina xxxxxxxxxxxx


March 2013 I had a facelift, I
was so nervous. Originally I was concerned it may have been a scam but
was put at ease by an email I received from another client. Trinia also
emailed me regularly and also rang leading up to the surgery which also
put me at ease. I arrived in Thailand met my personal assistant who was
fantastic and I continued to receive daily emails from Trinia. Despite
all this I was still extremely nervous I was worried about the Doctor,
Thai Surgery,  the Hospital, as I am a nurse I worried about all the
things that could go wrong. How wrong I was, Dr Thee is a very gentle
confident doctor, the hospital was welcoming and very clean. Trinia
continued to email me daily and she also rang at the exact right time
when I was feeling sore and sorry for myself. I can’t tell you how happy
I am that I went through with the surgery, the compliments I receive on
how well I look is great, I can now look in the mirror again and feel
happy with what I see. I am not perfect, but I never was, but the
surgery certainly has taken 10 years plus off. My advice is if you are
thinking of having a facelift, just do it, and I highly recommend Trinia
and Thai Surgery, they were absolutely fantastic. 
From a very satisfied customer

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