Your Journey

Becoming a part of the Azurite family is an exciting time. With any surgery or procedure comes anxiety - so here is a walkthrough of what to expect.


You will first decide on which procedures you would like to have. We will require you to send your photos to, so we liaise with our surgeons to provide the best recommendation for your body and desired outcome.


Your Health

As part of your initial consultation, anyone over the age of 40 is required to undergo mandatory testing: Liver/Kidney function, blood sugar fasting, full blood count and ECG. Although it's not compulsory for the above testing for individuals under the age of 40, we do recommend clients visit their GP for a health check-up to ensure they are fit of surgery: physically and mentally.


You will receive your quote. If you are applying for super under early compassionate release, you will also receive a specialist letter and the appropriate documentation to submit through MyGov.



Once you receive your quote, payment of your initial deposit is required straight away to confirm your surgery date. If you are an individual, who has undergone super early release, payment in full is required. We will then pay the medical balance on your behalf.

What we require from you

Once you have paid your deposit, we will require you to forward your flights, passport (for hospital admissions), medical testing.It's also important during this time to read our surgery guide and prepare your body with the best nutrition and exercise to ensure a smooth outcome.


Video Consultation

Once you have paid your deposit, your assigned customer representative will conduct a video call with you. This call will enable you to ask any questions, receive tips on nutrition, compression garments, and what to expect.


Once you have paid your medical balance, please forward through your receipt of 'funds received' from OFX (or other financial platforms). Your itinerary will contain your hotel reservations, airport transfer information, surgery information and confirmation of the medical balance.


You have finally arrived

You're finally here in Thailand. How exciting! We'll pick you up from the airport with our driver service, and you'll arrive at one of our beautiful hotels. The next day you will be able to have a big breakfast, and then you will meet with your assigned personal assistant. You'll then head to the hospital for your consult with your surgeon, medical testing and finally your surgery!

Post surgery

After surgery, you may be admitted to the ICU for monitoring of your vitals. You'll then stay in the hospital for surgeon recommended number of nights (as seen on your itinerary). Once you are ready to leave the hospital, we will take you back to the hotel. At the hotel, you will have access to our onsite team to assist with wound management and any problems you may be experiencing.


Final days

Near the end of your package, you will receive your final post-surgery consult with your surgeon. At this time, the surgeon will decide if you have healed adequately to fly home. It's important to note that not all sutures will be removed at this time due to the technique of the surgeon and the healing rate of your body. Once you leave our package, it is advised you stay on top of your wound cleaning, and compression garments wear to ensure the best outcome. Your local GP must review any medical issues at this point, so it's best to choose a GP you are comfortable with.