Health – Trina Eliassen, owner of Azurite discusses her insight on how to get there in 2022

Trina Eliassen speaks about what true health is

Happy New Year!

It looks like Omicron will sweep through the world, and we will eventually grow herd immunity, which is precisely how a virus works. It generally mutates and weakens, and our natural immune system fights it. So we can’t let fear of a virus overtake how we live our life. We can still be healthy and achieve abundance if we believe we can. Your priority for 2022 should be your health. But what does it mean actually to be healthy?

Good health is more than nutrition alone

We know your priority in your life should be your health, especially now during a pandemic. We’re aware that nutrition is so essential, and all super healers I know have doubled down on fitness and nutrition during this time. But don’t rely on nutrition alone and underestimate the power of your thoughts and the ability to create health with a high vibrating soul. 

Your mindset and taking holistic lifestyle steps are crucial – you may think you’re doing the right things, but many go the other way with too many ‘rules’ and become out of balance. I see many fitness people over-eating, undereating, ignoring their hormones, living overly stressed lives as they’re not being true to themselves, and many ultimately having chronic fatigue. I see many nutritional individuals just eating right but not exercising or meditating. I see many spiritualists scared of everything as it is difficult for them to live around egoism.

I see CEOs who are taught to control everything in their lives with the sole goal of eradicating failure but end up not manifesting true happiness as they ignore life’s nuances and do not allow things to fall into place. They may have successful businesses but have miserable health or love lives because everything is based on control and fear of losing control.

So what can I start doing to achieve health and true happiness?

The true health of mind, body, and soul is all-encompassing and a balancing act. This is what you should keep in mind:

Keep your body and immune system strong

Don’t underestimate the correlation between how your body is feeling and your general outlook on life. It’s important to address nutritional deficiencies, check your hormones, and not deprive yourself of too much. But if you are sick, don’t get stressed. Understand that your body’s goal is always to heal itself – it just gets off track at times and can bounce back with the right support. 

Stop controlling – keep your heart expansive and open to possibilities

Falling in love happens when you allow yourself to become vulnerable and lose control. Many people get too attached to specific places, people, or events. Understand when you keep your vibration high and your intention clear, the best outcome will always happen for you (but you may need to learn a lesson along the way). 

Lose the fear of what can happen

Fear comes from the unknown and being too attached to an outcome. Once you lose the fear and believe things are always working for you, that’s where the magic happens. Studies show people who see the world through half full attitude are always much more abundant in life.

Connect to your divine source, and don’t ignore those intuitive nudges

A lot of times, we ignore our own compass. Those small nudges are the signs you are looking for.

Be intentional with what you want

Be clear on the vision you want to achieve for your life. Imagine everything from how you will feel to what you will be doing.

Be disciplined

We can vibrate high all we want, but there has to be an element of good discipline. Discipline is crucial in all facets of your life to have pure abundance. Good health comes from your doing. Good fitness comes from your doing. When you do hit a snag, don’t get discouraged. Quickly calibrate and find an alternative. Don’t get caught up on so much on how to get there. Just get up and drive around the obstacle to your merry way.

Stop blaming and worrying

Understand you are always in control of your life, and things happen to you to help you. Stop using excuses and worrying about the past as it’s over. Stop worrying about the future as you are not there yet. 

Once your body is healthy, your heart is expansive, you are keeping your vibration high, your thoughts are pure and connected to the divine source, and your goals are set with intention and love – you will become a rocket set to your divine destination.

Live today, start today and become your best today to have a better tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

Love Trina

Trina Eliassen owner of Azurite speaking about health

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