What is happiness to you?

What is happiness to you?

Really sit down and think about that? Is, is excellent health? Great relationships? Great love? Great career? Great relaxation time? Eating and drinking anything you want? Travelling the world?

What is love to you?

Is it physical love? Is it just having a good connection with someone who “gets you“? Or is it that deep visceral “soul twin flame connection”? Or is it just someone to make you laugh and spout off to on the end of the day looking at the sunset, having a glass of wine, laughing and just relaxing?

Your assignment tonight.

Is to identify again, what indeed is your goal? Where do you want to see yourself in 6 months, five years? And even 10? etc. Do me one favour – NEVER SETTLE. Your responsibility is to you and only you. Not even your kids. They are second because if you are happy, they will always be happy. To live through your kids will never be satisfying. If someone is not considering your thoughts, then remember – release that person.

Life goes by so fast, and if you are trying to change a situation that will never change, you must listen and walk away. Close the door so that the new doors can open. Did you hear me?


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