Why choose to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand?

Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Considering surgery? There are many reasons to explore cosmetic surgery in Thailand:


The level of expertise 

Why go to Thailand for surgery? You’re crazy. Well, that’s what most people think. Thailand has gained quite the momentum over the last several years due to its phenomenal cosmetic and plastic surgery results. However, now, Thailand is gaining further worldwide recognition for the quality of its overall healthcare services after the US magazine CEOWORLD placed Thailand sixth in its’ 2019 list of countries beating Australia and European countries such as France and Belgium.

Our surgeons are ISAPS accredited

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has long been known as the path to plastic surgery safety when it comes to medical tourism. ISAPS is an organisation committed to safety in aesthetic plastic surgery for people across the globe. ISAPS is the assurance that you are receiving the best surgeon possible. Individuals going through Azurite can rest assured; we only choose the best with ISAPS accreditation.

Australia surprisingly lacks comprehensive regulation

When thinking of undergoing surgery in Australia, you wouldn’t have to worry about the standard of safety as it’s a more developed country, right? Not quite. The Medical Board of Australia does not recognise ‘cosmetic surgery’ as a speciality practise of surgery as it does with ‘plastic surgery’. The title ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ is therefore not indicative of specific qualifications which can mislead many patients.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons states: ‘currently in Australia, it is legal for any doctor with a basic medical degree to perform surgery. Specialist Plastic Surgeons, on the other hand, have extensive surgical education and training including a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education, with at least 5 years of specialist postgraduate training.’

Our hospital is JCI/ISO accredited 

Organisations that achieve and maintain JCI accreditation are dedicated to providing their patients with the best level of care possible. Focused on building a culture of patient safety. Developed by health care experts from around the world—and tested in every world region.

The savings

Thailand, in general, is substantially cheaper than major western countries, allowing you in many cases to save up to 60%, and with Azurite packages enabling you to save further. Azurite’s unique business model consists of avoiding costly hospital booking processes. Many agencies book through the hospital directly; however, Azurite chooses to source the best surgeons then negotiate instead.

The experience

When choosing to undergo surgery in Australia or other countries, you generally stay at the hospital for a few days, then head home with little to no aftercare. Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery in Thailand on one of our Azurite packages means you’ll recover in a luxury hotel, have access to our on onsite staff, including our registered nurse, be in contact with the Azurite team in Australia daily and rest assured knowing we are consistently observing your healing to ensure the best outcome.

What we’re about

Besides that, Azurite is more than just surgery. Our goal is to empower individuals to transform physically and mentally. Our background is wellness and healing retreats – we hate stigmas and individuals can still choose to look their best and feel good from the inside too even if that means utilising a surgeon to get a little help.

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