Why would I do a wellness retreat pre and post-surgery?

Wellness retreat post surgery

You have a life-changing surgery booked. And you may be wondering how you can prepare to ensure you have the best recovery possible. Luckily at Azurite, during 2022, Azurite will be launching The Ley Line – a wellness resort to ensure individuals get the most out of their surgery journey. And not just to heal optimally but to jumpstart their life. Read more about the benefits of combining a wellness retreat with your surgery for pre and post-surgery recovery. Read: The Australian Article

A wellness retreat can help your mental health

Undergoing surgery can significantly impact your mental health for a week or so during the recovery process. You’re having anaesthetic and medication withdrawals, and your body is trying to heal itself. Think about it – a lot is going on. Plus, there are a lot of expectations under the surface when you’re paying to enhance or fix certain aspects of your appearance. This makes a perfect storm for post-surgery blues. Although your companion is there, and we have post-surgery staff to assist, you may want something more to feel empowered. Surgery can have your vulnerability and triggers surface leading to an impaired healing process. 

Surgery alone will not change your life

Our clients come to us for a reason that may not be apparent to them initially. It is just surgery, right? After years of being in business, it’s clear that everyone comes to us to change their life (and not in an exaggerated way) but honestly. They want confidence, and they want their soul to dace. Be who they are meant to be. So surgery alone doesn’t always fix this. Having a wellness program based on healing stagnant energy within your body and empowerment will help.  Also, read about penis enlargement.

A wellness retreat can assist wound healing & reduced rate of infection

Healing quickly after surgery generally depends on nutrition, stress levels, and proper wound care and medications. But many are unsure of how to truly take care of their bodies, so participating in an after recovery program that includes all meals prepared, juicing and treatments is ideal.  

Surgery should be a part of a holistic outlook to make you the happiest version of yourself

Many clients realise that their problems do not magically disappear once they have their bodies fixed. So combining a program that emphasises empowerment and nutrition will help you truly get the most out of your new and improved body. 

For more information on our post-surgery recovery program write to info@theleyline.com.au or info@azurite.com.au 

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