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Our vision for Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness

Azurite’s vision is to empower individuals to feel their best internally and externally. We offer a range of comprehensive cosmetic surgery and wellness packages with award winning Full Facelifts and extended tummy tucks. 

Featured on Seven Sharp News

Kacey, our NZ client goes to Bangkok for mummy makeover – and is filmed by Seven Sharp NZ. Join Trina Eliassen, Azurite Director and Dr Thee help Kacey get the body of her dreams. 

Read blog post here.

Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/Tummy Tuck/Labiaplasty/ Thailand
ISAPS Accreditation

Our surgeons are members of the ISAPS (Interntaional Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) highest accreditation a surgeon can have in plastic surgery

Multi-Surgery Discount

Our packages are tailored to the individual. Clients receiving multiple surgeries receive generous discounts to make their dream come true.

Full Facelift Justin: Featured on Bangkok Airport Produced by BBC

Watch Justin our client travel to Bangkok for a full Face Lift of the episode "Love is in the Air". Justin shares his experience with our world class doctors and personal assistants while in Azurite care at our luxury accomodation.

BBC documentary our client justin receives a facelift in Bangkok

Free Consultation

At Azurite our surgery consultations are free. Email your photos for area of concern with your query here.

We Make Headline News

Articles by “The Weekend Australian”… and more

"Azurite..and other Wellness Retreats"
The Weekend Australian
The Weekend Australian
"The Holiday That Makes You a Better Person."
"The Complete Rejuvenation Package."

Access your superannuation

With the assistance of Azurite and a registered Australian GP you may be eligible to access your superannuation for medically necessary surgery.

Easy Finance

Payment plans up to $50,000 – including treatment / hospital / flights & accommodation. Flexible options – any additional repayments can be added back on to the payment plan at no extra charge Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online


Our Team


Trina Eliassen is originally from the US and has lived in Australia for the last 14 years. Over the years, Trina has spearheaded various, successful businesses across varying industries such as ICT Recruitment, award-winning restaurants, and retreats. Azurite has been brought alive with the passion for phenomenal results, through authentic service, and life-changing medical techniques.


Alessandra is from the US and has spent a great deal of her life living in Australia, currently residing in Manly, NSW. Alessandra has worked across various industries, such as financial services, recruitment, and health. Alessandra has a Masters in HR Management/Industrial Relations from the University of Sydney and is drawn to preventative medicine, sustainable practices and exceptional client experiences through luxury and the best techniques.


Savannah is part of client relations and resides in Northern Beaches Australia. Savannah has a background in international business and has worked in the health and fitness industry. She has a strong focus and passion for mental wellbeing and a holistic approach to life.

Dr Thee

Dr.Thee has been a part of the Azurite team for the last ten years is recognized as one of the most experienced cosmetic/plastic surgeons in Thailand, for his excellent surgical results and low rate of complications. His cosmetic surgical experiences cover minor and major operations including face, breast, body contouring, male cosmetic surgery, and sex-change surgery (male to female).

We're not your typical agency. We use one team of Surgeons

We operate locally out of Sydney & internationally out of Miami, Florida. Originally from the US, we operate on a global scale. We're at your doorstep anywhere in the world. Our surgeons are members of the ISAPS highest accreditation a surgeon can have in plastic surgery

Azurite has their own staff who assist you in all of your surgery interactions as well to assist with aftercare and or sightseeing & shopping.  Azurite has a private forum to assist you with other clients in questions or sharing your experience.  Azurite is your "family".

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Fake ID

It is difficult for most of the women to decide on any surgical interventions in their appearance. Especially when it comes to such intimate procedures as changing breast size, liposuction or lipofilling. This is a difficult and often protracted struggle with complexes and the adoption of their appearance. Very often it is difficult to decide even for the first consultations with the surgeon to discuss all the details and side effects of such complex surgical operations. Some women dare to buy fake IDs, wishing to hide their real name. They go to the first consultation with fake documents in order to maintain anonymity, because it is easier for them psychologically to behave like that. They try to avoid possible condemnation and remorse. Anyways, this is their choice and most importantly, that they would feel comfortable.


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